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Scalp Micropigmentation Sydney

How to Transition from a Hair Piece to SMP

Lets be honest, there is no "perfect" hair loss solutions. FUE Hair Transplants are excellent if you have a lot of hair in the male pattern baldness area and are willing to go on a Finesturide based medication to maintain that hair, while hairpieces are a quick and fun way to get back the appearance of a full head of hair. 

But wearing a hairpiece takes commitment and ongoing maintenance. I always tell potential hair piece clients at our Sydney clinic, that it's like Im selling them a car, then need to get it serviced and put petrol in it, wearing a hair piece, or glue on hair, isn't as easy as simply putting on a cap.

While most full density Scalp Micropigmentation treatments wiliest a client back between $3000 and $5000 depending on which SMP artist you choose, it's one payment for a treatment that can last you for years.

At Replique Brisbane and Sydney our most popular package is the Intro Package and it is two full sessions followed up ny a touch up session in a month and a further touch up session in 12 months and is priced from $2800. 

At Replique Sydney Hair Loss Clinic we sell a lot of mens semi permanent hair pieces,. these non surgical hair replacement solutions are amazing and quickly transform and guys from hair loss to having the best hair off their lives. 

Our hair pieces are all $800, then there is a fee of $180 for us to customise the hairpiece for the male pattern baldness area, fit it, bond it to the scalp, we give the client a hair care pack, rebound pack and free rebound training session. Subsequent hair pieces are $850 including the haircut. Most of our clients will go through at least one to two per year, some go through three per year as they choose and thinner density. So the cost form many clients is approximately at least $2000 per year once they factor in their regular rebond costs. 

While most of our hair piece clients committed to their new hair and rave about how they have changed their lives, given them more confidence and a youthful appearance, some do look for other lower maintenance options and transition to Scalp Micropigmentation.

We always say that we offer hair loss solutions from Subtle to Sensational, with the SMP being Subtle and the hair Pieces being Sensational.

There's an expression I love, that Australians love to buy but we hate to be sold to and so we are very mindful at Replique to never upsell and to only try to work with each client on one hair loss solution, whether it is SMP or a Hair Piece.

SMP is the replication of fresh stubble through cosmetic tattooing and so going from a hair piece to SMp is actually quite simple. We generally do a natural hair tattoo hairline which is very similar to the shape we use for the hair piece.

it is essential though that the scalp be in healthy condition prior to the SMP treatment so we encourage all clients to leave the hair piece off at night for a few nights for the scalp to breath before the hair tattoo treatment. 

For clients with advanced male pattern baldness we tend to do the two big SMP sessions within a short time span, with a rest period of 24 hours, so the density is nice and full so people dot notice a discrepancy from the hair piece appearance to the head tattoo treatment. 

At Replique we only offer tangible hair loss solutions, no pills or potions or "cross your fingers" solutions and we are really proud to have helped thousands of men with our hair loss solutions and fully support them when they choose to go for a low maintenance option such as the SMP. We also have many guys who transition from the Scalp Micropigmentation to hairpieces, but lets leave that for another blog :)

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