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SMP For Dark Skin

The true test of a cosmetic tattoo artist is how they can adapt to different elements presented by a client.

While it is exciting to see so many new practitioners coming into the Scalp Micropigmentation industry, many have just finished a 3 day course and don't actually have much experience. The is clearly evidenced by their website or socials simply featuring the work they did on models when studying. 

Miriam and Scott have been performing SMP sInce 2016 and have helped countless clients in that time. the industry has certainly grown since that time, to be a leading hair loss solution all around the world. 

Most SMP artists use a specific SMP pigment, which is traditionally black, and ten diluted down to suit the clients skin tone. 

Working with blonde or fair hared clients is a challenge, and working on dark skinned clients requires experience and forethoght 

Several years ago, Scott had the opportunity to work on a wonderful client who was from Africa, and we custom designed a SMP package to create a natural hairline that was differentiated from his beautiful complexion. Recently his brother came to Miriam for his SMP and was thrilled at the results. 

Hair Tattoo Brisbane Near Me Affordable.jpeg

Most SMP artists only know how to do Scalp Micropigmentation, Miriam has been doing cosmetic tattooing and paramedical tattooing for years and so really approaches each clients with a higher level of artistry than many other practitioners

One danger of SMP is blow outs, where the artist holds the needle in too long, or goes too deep and instead of it looking like fish stubble, it looks more like a large Texta dot. 

Male hair tattoo brisbane.jpeg
SMP Brisbane Sydney.jpeg

Miriam chose to do two large session with our client, with session 1 taking away the colour of the skin, and session 2 adding density. As always we did a natural looking hairline, our philosophy is that we can always lower the hairline, but can't undo a hairline that is too low. 

Our strategy is to add this amazing hair loss treatment gradually and slowly, working in conjunction with our clients .

We are one of the few SMP businesses that offers different packages, depending on what the client wants, rather than a one size fits all package. 

Are you interested in discovering if SMP is the right hair loss solution for you? Feel free to contact us on one of the below links.

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