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Scalp Micropigmentation Calculator

Replique Clinic isnt just about being an amazing hair loss treatment centre, we also try to give clients as much information as possible before they come in for a consultation. We are proud to have been the first company to introduce the Scalp Micropigmentation Calculator back in 2017 so you can input variables such as hair colour, level of male pattern baldness etc to get an estimate of the SMP cost.

Remember to always check out our Specials such as the Light Density from $990 or Pay 3 Hours and get the 4th Hour Free Special. Please note the calculator will open in an external window to our main site


Replique has clinics in Sydney and Brisbane and founder, Scott Hickman, has performed thousands of treatments over the years. Check out some of our Scalp Micropigmentation videos, including how Scott uses SMP techniques for beard tattooing. 

Are you interested to see how Scalp Micropigmentaion can change your hairline or scalp?

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