Treatment: PRP

PRP is the abbreviation of a medical procedure known as Platelet Rich Plasma. PRP Platelet Rich Plasma is sourced from your blood supply. Within your blood you have:

• RED BLOOD CELLS (carry oxygen)

• WHITE BLOOD CELLS (fights diseases and infection)

• PLATELETS (repairs damage and injuries)

• PLASMA (contains water and nutrients)

Ouch! But they say "beauty hurts"


PRP is one of the newest innovations in hair loss and offered by a number of providers in Australia. prp as a hair loss option

PRP for Hair Loss is a powerful and natural hair loss treatment that does not require daily pills or chemical lotions or foams.  By creating a controlled injury on the scalp (skin) during a PRP for Hair Loss Treatment, this will signal the body to send PLATELETS and PLASMA to the area, to repair the injured cells. Adding additional PRP increases the amount of repairing cells (platelets) and nutrients (plasma) in the hair loss region. This exposes the skin cells and the hair follicles to large amounts of healing platelets and nutrient rich plasma.  


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What is PRP + How is it made?

How does PRP work for Hair Loss?

Prices obviously vary, and you’re best to seek out a few quotes, but from online research it runs from $2500 to $4500, this includes 3 injection treatments that includes extraction of blood and processing it.


A lot of hair loss clinics are now offering packages, where they will add in a lot of different treatments, such as PHP, FUE Hair Transplant, as well as Scalp Micropigmentation and the costs vary, but with once you’re adding in so many treatments, it can be quite expensive. 


What is the cost of PRP?


PRP is an exciting development, especially in its use as a Hair Loss Solution, but it is difficult to actually get testimonials and evidence from consumers that it has worked for them. My standard advice is to ask to speak to someone who has had the procedure done, or at least visit the clinic and meet the person who is doing the procedure. I have clients who have had this procedure done in conjunction with a hair transplant and medication so for them, it is difficult to say it it worked or not.

How effective is PRP as a Hair Loss Solution?

It’s difficult to say. Each website that offers it will of course tell you YES it is. But if you read the forums and blogs, then most guys that are on PRP are doing it with a mix of also rogain, or propercia or …. or …. or in addition to a hair transplant or laser therapy. Some doctors have said that only 1 in 36 of their clients have shown actual benefit from PRP.

"It has now been almost 4 months since my PRP treatment and at this point I can't say that I have seen any results. Of all the 36 patients treated, only one has shown some increase in density so far. I am not that impressed at this point with PRP treatment. Hopefully I will see more happy patients over the next few months.” (


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