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Breaking Bald. How the mens Hair Loss industry is Big Bucks! 

Mens hair Loss is a big deal and a big business! There are many hair loss solutions, and hair transplant industry itself turns over almost $2billion dollars internationally, per annum. Add in the cost of other mens hair loss solutions such as hair pieces, hair loss medication, hair pieces and newer technologies such as Scalp Micropigmentation and PRP, then you are looking at a world wide industry that is enormous - and growing! 

When we started Replique in brisbane in 2016 we just had one room for SMP and one room for doing Hair Piece fittings and haircuts, within two years we rented an additional space and then by 2020 we were in a premises with six treatment spaces. 

We aren’t just talking ego here - hair loss can be emotionally devastating and leave sufferers with feelings of helplessness can can lead to anxiety and personality change. In my clinic Ive had countless guys tell me that their lives changed when they started thinning on top, they stopped mixing with friends, stopped socialising and gave up on thoughts of having relationships because they were so unhappy when they looked in the mirror.

In fact one recent American study showed that 45% of male hair loss sufferers would give their entire life savings to regain a full head of hair, and 60% said they would rather have more hair than money or friends! 

The Replique Clinic specialise in a few forms of male hair replacement, we are on the cutting edge and specialise in possibly the worlds fastest growing (excise the pun) hair loss solution, Scalp Micropigmentation, where we give the appearance of a full head of hair with meticulously accurate follicles being tattooed on to the scalp. 

This is ideal for guys who have no hair and want the appearance of a buzz cut, or guys with thinning hair who want to ditch the pink scalp peeping through their hair, and add depth to their own hair colour with matching pigment that is artfully blended with their existing hair to give the appearance of a full head of hair.

Scott and Miriam have both been performing SMP since 206 and it is wonderful being a part of such a growing industry that helps men regain their confidence .

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