Treatment: Hair Pieces

What are Hair Pieces?

Hair pieces, toupees, men's wigs - so many names for essentially something that has been around for centuries, and are still used today as a sign of importance and knowledge with Judges and Barristers, and of course as a hair replication technique. 


Hair pieces for men are generally best if they are the same colour (or colours where a few different tones are blended), thickness and consistency of a mans existing hair, so there is a natural blend between the hair piece and the hair on the scalp.


A hair piece is different to a wig, in that it is designed to cover the hair loss area affected by Male Pattern Baldness, where as a wig will cover the entire scalp.


Men's Hair Pieces are often sold online, or in clinics and salons, and come with a staggering, and confusing array of options. French Lace, Body Wave, Lace Front, Clips, Adhesive, are all components used to create the piece that are vital to ensuring the right match for the client and all factors a client will need to understand if he's to make an informed choice when ordering a hair piece online. 

How do they work for Hair Loss?

Hair Pieces are used generally in conjunction with a clients existing hair, where a template is made of the area that the client is experiencing baldness, and then a manufacturer will make a custom hairpiece to match the colour that the client has generally sent to the manufacturer. Alternately many hair loss specialist providers will get a stock piece (these come in a fantastic range of colours) and will cut the base to size, and then adhere the piece with clips, tape or adhesive glue, to the clients scalp, then get the piece cut and styled to suit.

What is the cost?

Well you get what you pay for! Most hair pieces these days are manufactured in China, with Chinese or Indian hair, that is very dark and can be more course than Western hair. To make the hair more suitable to be used in hair pieces, the manufactures really stress the hair with a lot of chemicals to get the hair soft and in the same tones as Western Clients need. This all adds cost. You can generally get a hair piece for around $1000 Australian Dollars, then is might be another $100 to have it fitted and then $50 to have it cut. Most good hair pieces will last approximately 16 to 26 weeks depending on the base type.

Hair pieces have come a long way! These are undetectable, fully adhered for upto four weeks and incredibly lifelike. hair piece and mens wigs as a hair loss option hair piece and mens wigs as a hair loss option


Hair pieces are great, but they aren't suited to all people. If you want something low maintenance that doesn't need a lot of upkeep, then I wouldn't recommend them for you. However if you love having long, thick hair and don't mind spending time and money on fresh units a couple of times a year, then hair pieces can be a great option. 

I would recommend seeing a specialist in hair pieces if you’re going to go down this route, get their advice on what type is most suited to you. Do you want a lace, or poly base? Do you want to adhere with tape, clips or glue? What care and maintenance will it require? Should you get a stock or custom piece? Im more than happy to help with these questions, just be aware many hair piece providers will up sell you to different scalp treatments, as well as making you take two at a time, and even putting you into a “club” or hair system where you only buy from them and are bound to have to buy a specific quantity of pieces each year.

I'm more than happy to have a free consultation for your Brisbane Australia Hair Piece requirements. I can help with adhesive types and base type advice. 

If you're thinking of getting your first hair piece, it's probably best to see a specialist to get your pieces fitted, and go through options such as the best base and adherence system for your needs. 

Some people enjoy the experience of returning to the salon for the cleaning and reattachment but it is quite simple to do from home with a bit of practice and patience. hair piece and mens wigs as a hair loss option

How effective are Hair Pieces as a Hair Loss Treatment?

Highly effective! If you buy a good quality, undetectable piece then they are a brilliant treatment for baldness and hair transplant alternative. I've been wearing hair pieces for decades and I only use high quality, fully adhered pieces and even hair dressers don't know they’re dealing with a hair piece until I tell them!

Just keep in mind that hair pieces aren't permanent hair loss solutions, they need to be maintained and replaced a few times a year.  


Need with for your Hair Loss Solution?