While many Hair Loss Solution providers will palm you off to a sales person before you get to meet the surgeon or trained technician who will actually be undertaking your procedure, at The Replique Clinic all consultations begin and end with me! While I have support staff to assist in some procedures, ultimately most of your dealings will be with me.

I offer several Hair Loss Solutions but am happy to talk to people about all of their options, Im not here to sell you one of my services, often I will point potential clients to an alternative Hair Loss Solutions provider as I know ultimately, that the solution they provide, is more in keeping with what the clients wants. 

Im always happy to discuss options so please feel free to contact me at one of the below methods. Im generally in a treatment with a client between 8.00am and 5.00pm so all consultations are by appointment only.

Cheers Scott

Replique Sydney Mens Hair