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Scalp Micropigmentation Brisbane and Sydney

About Scalp Micropigmentation 

The hair loss industry is full of "miracle breakthroughs" but so often they are overinflated ideas that over promise and underdeliver. It is bad enough to experience hair loss but to then invest in a solution for hair loss, hair fall, thinning hair and baldness, that doesn't work.. well that can be devastating.

Scalp Micropigmentation, or SMP is a relatively new form of cosmetic tattooing that has grown in popularity over the last few year in Australia and Internationally.

The industry has certainly developed from relying on traditional body art tattooing needles and pigments to now having specialised Scalp Micropigmentation Needles and pigments from specialist providers such as Bishops, to ensure accurate and small microperforations that dont discolour and minimise the threat of blow outs. 

What is Scalp Micropigmentation? 

Scalp Micropigmentation, or SMP, or Head Tattoo, or Hair Tattoo or Scalp Pigment is a form of cosmetic tattooing that use useful for men with Male Pattern Baldness, for men and women with fine or thinning hair, and for people with scars, such as from FUE (Follicle Unit Extraction Hair Transplant Surgery, or from burns and cuts. 

At Replique Clinics in Brisbane and Sydney we do many Scalp Micropigmentation treatments each week and always use a cautious and conservative approach. Our philosophy is that we can always add more but never take it away!

So we prefer to start with a lighter pigment and the finest needle and eve a slightly recessed hairline, then add density and volume and lower the hairline once the client and artist have reviewed the work. 

SMP Sydney Hair Replacement Service Near

For traditional hairline to crown reconstructive Scalp Micropigmentation, we take our time to draw on a natural hairline with a marking pencil and use a fine hairline gauge needle to start working on the hairline in a graduated formation, work back to the crown where the density becomes stronger.


Scalp Micropigmentation is one hair loss solution that gives the client control. Together with Scott you will design the hairline, density and tone to ensure we're delivering the look you're after.

Scalp Micropigmentation isn't just for guys with the buzz cut look. We also do a lot of SMP head tattooing on female and male clients who have very fine or thin hair, and also for clients who have had hair transplants and have FUE or Lineal scars that need to be camouflaged.  

Many people ask how long does a Scalp Tattoo last? Good question! Ultimately the more time we take putting in the tiny dots, then the more density we create and the longer it lasts. 

Some men find it difficult to go from advanced hair loss to the look of a full head of short hair again, and so they do the SMP treatments gradually. Allowing a few weeks or months between each Scalp Micropigmentation treatment to adjust to their new look. 

No matter what your situation, we feel it is vital to come in for a free consultation so you can discuss how you want the Scalp Micropigmentation to look. 


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