Welcome! You've probably found this site because you've google searched for a hair loss solution. You may have been searching for different options such as Scalp Micropigmentation, Hair Transplant Surgery, Hair Loss medication, Hair Pieces or new Hair Loss Solutions.


Im the founder of Replique Clinics Sydney where we offer advice and services to men and women suffering from Hair Loss, Alopecia, Scarring from Hair Transplants and other Hair Loss concerns. 


hairreplacementsaustralia.com is a site where different Hair Loss Solutions and Options are discussed. Ive been a client and provider of many of these Solutions, and as a guy who started to lose his hair at 17, I am well aware of the struggles and issues guys suffer when experiencing Hair Loss.  

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Scott Hickman. Hair Loss expert. Brisbane Hair Loss Clinic
Scott Hickman
Director: The Replique Clinic

What to know about Hair Loss Solutions? Ive asked every question, experienced most options, felt the joys and disappointments as they've worked or failed and been a part of the industry for years, not only as a consumer, but also as a business participant.