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Replique Scalp Micropigmentation

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Miriam and Scott have been doing SMP or hair tattooing since 2016.

Miriam is a very experienced 
cosmetic tattoo artist and has developed a loyal base of clients due to her curious and conservative approach to this treatment.

All too 
frequently we see clients coming in, who have pad a lot of money for Scalp Micropigmentation with fake looking  hairlines, blow outs and bad blends.

Miriam and Scott both believe in gradually building up the density with SMP, and we work in a consultative manner with our clients to ensure a natural but amazing outcome.

Scott is the founder of Replique and we have Hair Replacement clinics in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. 

We believe that hair loss solutions should be affordable and natural looking and are proud to offer special SMP pricing based on our clients needs, rather than just on a "one size fits all" approach.

Our Replique Brisbane Scalp Micropigmentation clinic is located in Spring Hill, close to the train stations and has near by parking available. 

Replique Sydney is in Paddington, 15  minutes walk from the CBD of Sydney. 

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Replique Brisbane Scalp Micropigmentation. 
Replique Sydney 
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