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In Australia, and around the world we have hair loss and hair replacement treatments, but these aren’t really considered a cure, and certainly not a 100% cure. It’s often best to look at hair loss and hair replacement is a few different strategies.

One strategy would be to look at how to stop any kind of hair loss associated with Male Pattern Baldness. What is the best kind of hair loss prevention? For some this can be achieved via hair loss medication, but there are some noted side effects such as erectile dysfunction, drastic lowering of sex drive and possibly some associated mental health issues. It should also be noted that using medication as a hair loss prevention is a lifelong commitment, as soon as you stop taking the medication for whatever reason, there is a strong possibility that the Male Pattern Baldness hair that the medication has stopped from falling out, will all fall out.  

Another strategy in the topic of a hair loss cure would be to look at how to make hair grow back. Hmmmmmm, this one raises a lot of questions and while many forms of medication may claim it will make your hair grow back, in our clinic with our hundreds of clients, we’ve failed to meet any who have had thick and long-term hair growth via medication.

Is there a 100% Hair Loss Cure?


Another strategy in the topic of a hair loss cure would be to look at how to make hair grow back. Hmmmmmm, this one raises a lot of questions and while many forms of medication may claim it will make your hair grow back, in our clinic with our hundreds of clients, we’ve failed to meet any who have had thick and long-term hair growth via medication.

Likewise there are some websites that promote the use of herbs and supplements found in food to encourage hair regrow for men, this is often tied in with a recipe book or subscription associated with the site and is highly likely a money making exercise, rather than a pure hair loss cure. There may also be some products such as shampoo for thinning hair, with all of these products and services for thinning hair, baldness and hair-loss, research into subjects such as hair restoration reviews, is imperative so your money isn’t wasted.

Some hair transplant specialist and hair replacement surgeons may claim that a hair transplant will help hair to grow back. Ultimately a hair transplant is simply the medical act of moving hair from one site of the hair to another. Hair transplant surgery won’t make additional hair grow back, FUE Hair Transplant, or Follicle Unit Extraction surgery will take follicles from one donor site of the scalp and transfer the follicles to another site, leaving bald patches in the donor site. This can certainly improve the appearance for the client but it isn’t making more hair grow.  There is a considerable cost to hair transplant surgery, not just in the FUE or transplant price, but also in downtime and risk. Some men are travelling overseas on the promise of quick and affordable hair transplant surgery, simply search online for “best hair transplant” or “hair replacement surgery for men” and you will be inundated with offers of hairline restoration and treatments for receding hairlines but what if something goes wrong? What do you do about follow up consultations? While the price of this hair transplant option may be appealing, it doesn’t come without risks.

Sometimes it may be necessary to look at hair replacement and hairline restoration, rather than remedying hair loss. Why do this? If you don’t want surgery, if you don’t want to take lifelong medications that can affect sex drive and cause erectile dysfunction, or if you already have advanced hair loss or have been suffering from thinning hair associated with Male Pattern Baldness for many years. These factors can rule out.

Men around the world are opting for non surgical hair restoration, which is what the Replique Male Anti Aging Clinic is Australia, specialise in. Do you look at old photos when you had a a full hairline and boundless confidence? There are a few affordable and long term non surgical solutions, they are in their own way, a hair loss cure. These hair replacement services will give the appearance of a full head of hair. A huge trend across Europe and America has been started by the brilliant guys at Quiff & Co, who launched a viral video of one of their owners singing to the camera and brushing his long blond hair, and then peeling his hair off!

The Quiff & Co video has opened many mens eyes to the possibility of having a hair graft, or semi permanent hair piece, and taking away the appearance of hair loss forever.

We are able to achieve a perfectly full hairline with our systems, that are completely undetectable. We use an ultra thin skin membrane that houses thousands of hairs (in hundreds of different colour to match all of our clients’ needs). The membrane is customised and sculpted to the area of the scalp where we want to reverse the appearance of hair loss, then grafted or bonded to the scalp for up to 30 days. The membrane is so thin that it can be impossoble to tell the difference between your own scalp and the thin membrane. Even hair professionals, such as hair dressers, are unable to tell when someone is wearing a grafted hair system. It really appears as though the hair is growing out of our clients scalp.

Another hair replacement option is Scalp Micropigmentation, this is arguably the Worlds fastest growing hair loss solution and the Replique clinic does hundreds of treatments to Australian clients in our Sydney and Brisbane Clinics. Scalp Micropigmentation is an advanced paramedical tattooing technique where thousands of pigment based follicles are slowly and skilfully integrated into the dermal layer of the scalp to give the appearance of a full head of stubble, or “buzz cut”, the minuscule dots blend seamlessly with the clients own follicles and we are able to create a dream hairline that is customised to the clients needs.

The microperformations that enable us to create the pigment based follicles, are painless, as we are merely touching the needle to the skin, unlike traditional and cosmetic tattoos, where the needles are stroked through the skin at a much deeper level. Scalp Micropigmentation is very low maintenance and long lasting. Miriam in Brisbane and Scott in Sydney have years of experience, and countless clients. 

Unfortunately we spend time cleaning up clients work, on cheap providers who have recently graduated from a 3 day course, ad who are essentially learning on paying clients. Miriam in Brisbane, and Scott in Sydney understand that getting SMP, r a hair tattoo is one of the biggest things you will ever do in your life and so we take a conservative and consultative approach to this amazing hair replacement technique. 

We have many different hair loss options available, but beware there is a lot of hype and hope in companies selling services and products to men looking for an answering to balding and thinning hair. Often the best solution is to arrange a consultation with a hair replacement organisation to really give you the low down on hair gains.

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