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Sydney's  Best Scalp Micropigmentation Deals!


No need to take time off through the week. We're open Saturdays & Sundays 

The Pandemic, Interest Rates, Inflation!!! Times are tough but we're proud to support our guys with the Light Density Package for just $990

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Replique Scalp Micropigmentation is subtle, discreet, affordable and long lasting. No crazy or fake hairlines, just natural looking SMP to make you look like yourself again.

"I was hesitant at first but Scott is the #1. Since the moment I stepped in there I felt better. I'm very happy with the results as well, looks as if I just shave my hair and when I tell people I had this treatment nobody could tell the difference 10/10". Julian

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Scalp Micropigmentation Sydney

Scalp Micropigmentation is the World's fastest growing hair loss solution, and for good reason. With the right artist you can go from advanced male pattern baldness to having the appearance of a full head of hair again. Replique Sydney specialise in natural looking hairlines that are created using ultra fine needles and special SMP pigment based on your hair tone and skin colour. 

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Sydney Scalp Micropigmation Hair Transpl

A lot of guys simply clipper their hair and wear caps as much as possible to minimise the thinning look, and that's excellent but Scalp Micropigmentation is an excellent way to gradually bring back the appearance of a full head of short hair. At Replique we consider getting any type of hair loss solution to be a major decision and so we prefer to do an in person consultation, which is completely free. In fact we do this as we are screening the potential client as much as they are screening us! We believe it is important to work with clients who we can genuinely make happy as we only provide natural and subtle hairlines, nothing to low, heavy or fake looking and a free consultation is an excellent way to ensure we can meet the new clients expectations and ensure we're providing results that we are proud of. After all, it's your head! Lets make it look natural and realistic, as though you still had a full head of hair but now keep it clippered really short. 

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SMP Today. Pay Later!

About Replique Sydney Scalp Micropigmentation Clinic

The team at Replique clinic in Sydney have been doing Scalp Micropigmentation for men and women since 2016. We do hourly specials and amazing packages for Light to Full Density. While our service is Five Star, we keep our prices as affordable as possible with Pay As You Go options as well as Afterpay and Zippay.  

Founder, Scott Hickman is one of Australia's most experienced Scalp Micropigmentation artists, having completed countless sessions over the last five years. Having come from a hairdressing background, Scott understands the importance of natural looking hairlines that graduate from fine to full to give a subtle appearance to his clients. 

Scott also understands hairloss! Sometimes it is difficult to speak to people about how hairloss has affected your self esteem but Scott started thinning at just 17 and has tried pretty much every hair loss and hair fall treatment over the years and understands what our clients are going through. 

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